About Us


Throwing a great party is an art, a symphony of coordinated elements that appear to work together effortlessly.You and your guests are living in the moment by indulging in great food, listening to music, and embracing the ethereal atmosphere. As you are driving home from it later that night after the departure, you reflect on how fortunate you are to have been to be part of this timeless moment. Since 1997, we have been planning and creating these events from the sublimely simple to the extravagant, from intimate occasions to enormous parties. Platinum Weddings and Events began with a desire to execute unique events for each client we encountered. Through our passion and education, we have influenced the wedding and community locally and nationally. We are continually being educated, speaking on a national wedding conference circuit, teaching wedding certification courses and actively participating in wedding and event associations. Why we do what we do is simple - we passionately adore being event and wedding planners.

Austin is full of intelligent and creative people who are a thrill to work with. We live for the art of the exceptional! It's work that inspires and completes us and satisfies our need for impacting one important moment in your life. Due to our strengths of organization, efficiency, and creativity, we are able to decrease the amount of stress you will be carrying on your shoulders. We help amateur or seasoned hosts expand their legendary parties to a grander scale. We focus your event by creating weddings and events that are an amazing reflection of your love and personality. With the dedication of our staff, we make it look like you threw a flawless event. Education is the seed to all successful companies. We never stop learning.We utilize the newest technologies to ensure that you are receiving the most current designs for you to implement in your event. We believe that each event is unique because each client is unique.

This is a time in your life where your personality should shine and be featured. It is all about you. We look forward to meeting you and experiencing your event with you. We are thrilled and excited to show you what we can create for you!