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Why You Need an Event Planner


Many of our clients have come to us for event planning help because:

  • They have jobs that don't allow them the time to research, plan, and execute the event they picture in their minds.
  • There are so many voices from well-meaning parents and friends that an engaged couple needs an ally to help them find their voice and realize their unique vision for their special day while keeping the peace with family and friends.
  • They want to be able to enjoy the amazing planning process and spend their event celebrating joyfully instead of worrying their way through it all.
  • They don't have family close by and need someone to act as a close friend to help them through the process of event planning.
  • They want to avoid the mistakes and headaches they've seen at other events.
  • They want a person to create their event with the same amount of care and pride as if it were their own big occasion.
  • They never really envisioned getting married, but now the perfect mate has come along and they need a wedding planner to help them navigate the process.
  • They've attended many weddings and have good ideas but aren't sure how to put all the elements together for their perfect event.
  • They have stumbled into planning confusion and information overload (so many options and all that fine print) do not know what to do next.
  • They want to be on good terms with their friends, families, and future spouse at the end of the process.
  • They don't want to do all the work only to have it be one more cookie cutter event. A unique and memorable event is important -
  • They want to make sure they throw a perfectly flawless event.
  • There can be so many good options, it can be hard to bring all the elements together into one focused vision, and party planners help keep things on track.
  • Everyone loves Austin (and its surrounding areas), and it's a popular spot for families who want a central location for a destination wedding.

So much goes into making fabulous wedding or an unforgettable event. Planning Austin area events with style and skill is what the event planners at Platinum Weddings and Events specialize in.

Our clients are all kinds of people with very different needs, visions, and budgets. Our event and wedding planning services are all about helping you create a great event - whether it's a birthday party, a mitzvah, holiday party, corporate event, or a wedding.

Most people find themselves needing some sort of assistance, and we're here to help. We can do a little bit, like help you formulate a plan, find vendors, or provide day-of event coordinating that lets you enjoy your party instead of having to slave away in the background. We can provide full service and make your dream event a reality that you and your guests will remember for years to come.

Email contact@myplatinumevent.com to talk about your needs, your event, and how we can partner with you to create something spectacular.